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Amy Billingsley

Amy Billingsley


Washington, D.C.

Civic leader Amy Tate Billingsley was born on November 29, 1936 in Chicago, Illinois.  Billingsley received her A.B. degree in mathematics and humanities from the University of Chicago in 1958; her M.A degree in counseling psychology from Ohio State University in 1961; and her M.B.A. degree in marketing and management from the University of Baltimore in 1982. Her parents Herman Tate and Inez Duke Tate, were both active community leaders. Billingsley’s great-grandfather, Jesse Chisholm Duke, was a prominent newspaper editor; her grandfather, Charles Sumner Duke was a world-renowned architectural engineer. Billingsley assisted her husband, Andrew Billingsley, with the classic book, Black Families in White America. She worked in the Clinton administration with historically black colleges and with Labor Secretary Alexis Herman. She helped found the Black Women’s Agenda, Inc., lobbying for African American women in the emerging women’s movement. Billingsley also served as The HistoryMakers coordinator in Washington, D.C.