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  • HM Greetings: George Langford – 0:01-0:23
  • HM Greetings: Judge Sandra A. Simms – 0:24-0:54
  • HM Greetings: Pierpont Mobley – 0:55-1:02
  • HM Greetings: Eunice Trotter – 1:03-1:34
  • HM Greetings: Maséqua Myers – 1:35-2:10
  • Narrator Julieanna Richardson – 2:11-2:41
  • Celebrity Presenter Darren Walker - 2:42-3:46
  • Behind the Scenes – 3:47-11:12
  • Musical Tribute to 2017 HistoryMakers by Angelique Kidjo – 11:13-20:05
  • Celebrity Presenter Darren Walker – 20:06-21:08
  • HM Greetings: Almeta Cooper – 21:09-21:20
  • HM Greetings: Norma Jean Darden – 21:21-22:08
  • HM Greetings: Shirley Barber James – 22:09-22:19
  • HM Greetings: Herbert Winful – 22:20-22:39
  • HM Greetings: Dr. Bette Catoe-Strudwick – 22:40-23:32
  • An Evening With Franklin Thomas (PBS TV Show) – 23:33-1:20:17
  • An Evening With The HistoryMakers: Chicago Stories (PBS TV Show) – 1:20:18-2:16:55

Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice President Darren Walker makes a special appearance to host The HistoryMakers Year in Review—2017 which was the same year that The HistoryMakers honored in New York City the highly impactful career of Franklin Thomas, the first African American president of the Ford Foundation. Also, in 2017, The HistoryMakers showcased the rich content of its archives with a major stage show/PBS-TV taping hosted by actress/director Regina Taylor and actor/producer Harry Lennix, An Evening With The HistoryMakers: Chicago Stories. Featured on the program were The Honorable Deval Patrick, The Honorable Valerie Jarrett, Reuben Cannon, Eric Johnson, Brenda Gaines, Audrey Smaltz, Terri Gardner and Wayne Baker Brooks. The HistoryMakers also continued to hold regional receptions in Miami, Dallas, Birmingham, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Jackson, Mississippi, Denver, Columbus, Ohio; Savannah, and Martha’s Vineyard. The City of Chicago and the Chicago Public Library co-hosted a special press event to announce the offering of The HistoryMakers Digital Archive free of charge to all Chicago library patrons, and The HistoryMakers established relationships with more university archives around the nation. 192 HistoryMakers were interviewed across the country. In addition to behind-the-scenes footage, the program includes a performance by the gifted artist Angelique Kidjo, followed by a screening of An Evening With Franklin Thomas and An Evening With The HistoryMakers: Chicago Stories.

An Evening With Franklin Thomas - Special Viewing

An Evening With Franklin Thomas

Taped: Saturday, November 11, 2017

An Evening With Franklin Thomas was a live to tape show honoring legal, business, and civic leader, Franklin Thomas. Chaired by Ford Foundation President Darren Walker, An Evening With Franklin Thomas featured musical performances by Dianne Reeves, Carmen Lundy, and Ntomb'khona Dlamini. Close friends and associates from Thomas’ time as president and CEO of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation and president of the Ford Foundation narrated events from Thomas’ life and spoke to his character as a public servant. Presenters included Ursula Burns, Vernon E. Jordan, Edward Lewis, Gay McDougall, Raymond McGuire, Indra Nooyi, Sandra Phillips, Mamphela Ramphele, Judge Albie Sachs, Henry Schacht, and Gloria Steinem. The evening’s stories highlighted Thomas’ intellect, generosity, and charisma. An Evening With Franklin Thomas was a night that will not be soon forgotten by all in attendance. 

Find more information on the program here.

An Evening With The HistoryMakers: Chicago Stories - Special Viewing

An Evening With The HistoryMakers

Taped: Saturday, April 22, 2017

An Evening With The HistoryMakers, hosted by actor playwright Regina Taylor and actor Harry Lennix, showcased the richness of Chicago’s African American community, a richness we all need reminded of, amidst all the violence and turmoil, and the significant loss of leadership in the African American community. An Evening With The HistoryMakers is the first program in the An Evening With... series to make The HistoryMakers archive the focus, telling the history and legacy of Chicago through stories from the Collection.

The purpose of An Evening With The HistoryMakers was to educate through the archive, and the HistoryMakers themselves, about the history, lives, careers and contributions of African Americans here in Chicago. The HistoryMakers Collection is about excellence and commitment. It provides role models and a source of identity for young people, empowering them through the stories of those that came before them. An Evening With The HistoryMakers stemmed from the organization's concern about the growing violence and the lack of memory of Chicago’s rich history and legacy as well as the growing generational gap between the city’s youth and older community members.

From Johnson Publishing to Johnson Products, from Operation Push to the Chicago Urban League, from DuSable Museum to the National Black Arts Movement, Chicago was a leader amongst American cities. Yet, increasingly, few know of this history. This, in turn, is having a deleterious effect on our youth, who have been, and continue to be, marginalized. We need to let them know that this history is their rich inheritance.

Find more information on the program here.

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Thursday, December 17, 2020

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