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December 13, 2005
| Della Hardman Passed Away

Art professor Della Hardman passed away on this date at the age of 83.

December 13, 1986
| Ella Josephine Baker Dies

Social justice advocate Ella Josephine Baker died on this date on her birthday at the age of 83. During her life, she organized, advised, and worked with several civil rights organizations like the SCLC, NAACP, and SNCC.

December 13, 1955
| Dr. Kneeland Youngblood is Born

Investment executive and emergency physician Dr. Kneeland Youngblood was born on this date in Galena Park, Texas.

December 13, 1952
| Woodrow Whitlow, Jr. is Born

Aerospace engineer and federal government administrator Woodrow Whitlow, Jr. was born on this date in Inkster, Michigan.

December 13, 1950
| H. Mitsy Wilson is Born

Diversity specialist H. Mitsy Wilson was born on this date in Georgetown, Guyana.

December 13, 1943
| Maurice Hines, Jr. is Born

Choreographer, entertainer, and stage director Maurice Hines, Jr. was born on this date in New York, New York.

December 13, 1933
| William "Sonny" Walker is Born

Management consulting entrepreneur, civil rights activist, and nonprofit chief executive William "Sonny" Walker was born on this date in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

December 13, 1933
| Hubie Jones is Born

Social worker and academic administrator Hubie Jones was born on this date in New York, New York.

December 13, 1932
| Myra McDaniel is Born

Administrative lawyer and state government appointee Myra McDaniel was born on this date in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

December 13, 1930
| Ben Tucker is Born

Jazz Musician & Entrepreneur Ben Tucker is born.

December 13, 1930
| Benjamin Tucker is Born

Radio entrepreneur and jazz bassist Benjamin Tucker was born on this date in Brentwood, Tennessee.

December 13, 1925
| Ozell Sutton is Born

Civil rights activist and community leader Ozell Sutton was born on this date in Gould, Arkansas.

December 13, 1923
| Larry Doby is Born

Major League Baseball pioneer Larry Doby was born Lawrence Eugene Doby on this date in Camden, South Carolina. Doby was the first African American to play in the major league's American League and was the second overall to play in the major leagues in the twentieth century after Jackie Robinson signed with the National League's Brooklyn Dodgers. Doby signed with the Cleveland Indians and helped lead them to two pennant winning seasons. He was a nine-time All-Star during his career and was inducted into Pro Baseball's Hall of Fame.

December 13, 1913
| Archie Moore is Born

Pro boxer Archie Moore was born Archie Lee Wright on this date in Benoit, Mississippi. Moore held the light heavyweight title for ten years.

December 13, 1903
| Ella Josephine Baker is Born

Social justice activist Ella Josephine Baker was born on this date in Littleton, North Carolina.