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December 7, 2012
| Jeni LeGon Passed Away

Film actress and tap dancer Jeni LeGon passed away on this date at the age of 96.

December 7, 2011
| Ofield Dukes Passed Away

Public relations chief executive and political consultant Ofield Dukes passed away on this date at the age of 79.

December 7, 2010
| Gloria Rackley Blackwell Passed Away

Civil rights activist and english professor Gloria Rackley Blackwell passed away on this date at the age of 83.

December 7, 1981
| CBS Airs <I>The Marva Collins Story</I>

<I>The Marva Collins Story</I> airs on CBS, a made-for-television movie about the legendary educator who started her own school in the inner-city of Chicago, Illinois.

December 7, 1973
| Fatin Dantzler is Born

R & B singer and songwriter Fatin Dantzler was born on this date in Camden, New Jersey.

December 7, 1972
| First African American Elected President of National Council of Churches

The Reverend W. Sterling Cary is elected the first African American president of the National Council of Churches, the nation’s leading liberal Christian organization. In his inaugural speech, Sterling promises to fight for more complete desegregation of the country’s churches.

December 7, 1955
| Calvin Howell is Born

Physicist Calvin Howell was born on this date in Warrenton, North Carolina.

December 7, 1948
| Pearl Cleage is Born

Essayist, fiction writer, and playwright Pearl Cleage was born on this date in Springfield, Massachusetts.

December 7, 1943
| The Honorable Bernard Parks is Born

Police chief and city council member The Honorable Bernard Parks was born on this date in Beaumont, Texas.

December 7, 1942
| Reginald Francis Lewis is Born

Millionaire Reginald Francis Lewis was born on this date in East Baltimore, Maryland.

December 7, 1941
| Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor

Japanese forces launch a surprise attack on the naval base at Pearl Harbor. During the attack, Dorie Miller, a mess cook, mans a machine gun and shoot down four enemy planes. He will later be awarded the Navy Cross for his heroism.

December 7, 1940
| Carole Simpson is Born

Television news anchor Carole Simpson was born on this date in Chicago, Illinois.

December 7, 1931
| Comer Joseph Cottrell is Born

Personal care entrepreneur Comer Joseph Cottrell was born on this date in Mobile, Alabama.

December 7, 1930
| Doris Zollar is Born

Community leader and entrepreneur Doris Zollar was born on this date in Little Rock, Arkansas.

December 7, 1925
| Ruth Beckford is Born

Choreographer and dancer Ruth Beckford was born on this date in Oakland, California.

December 7, 1924
| Reverend Willie T. Barrow is Born

Civil rights activist and religious leader Reverend Willie T. Barrow was born on this date in Burton, Texas.

December 7, 1921
| Harry Johns is Born

Accountant and academic administrator Harry Johns was born on this date in Alliance, Ohio.

December 7, 1918
| Timuel Black is Born

Historian and history professor Timuel Black was born on this date in Birmingham, Alabama.

December 7, 1915
| LeRoy Winbush is Born

Graphic designer LeRoy Winbush was born on this date in Memphis, Tennessee.