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November 9, 2006
| Ed Bradley Dies

Peabody and Emmy award winning journalist Ed Bradley dies on this date at the age of 65.

November 9, 2000
| First Black President of an Ivy League University

Ruth Simmons became the first Black president of an Ivy League school on this date at Brown University in Rhode Island.

November 9, 1978
| Marion Barry Elected Mayor

Marion Barry is elected mayor of Washington D.C. Serving twelve years in office, he is the second person to hold the position.

November 9, 1978
| Carol Moseley Braun Elected To House of Representatives

Carol Moseley Braun is elected to the Illinois House of Representatives establishing herself as the first woman and African American assistant majority leader.

November 9, 1978
| Roland Burris Elected Illinois State Comptroller

Lawyer and politician Roland Burris is the first African American to be elected to the Illinois state office in the position of State Comptroller.

November 9, 1976
| United Nations Condemns South Africa's Apartheid

The United Nations General Assembly passes ten resolutions against South Africa. These resolutions condemn the practice of apartheid and declare the white-only government as "illegitimate."

November 9, 1965
| Julian Bond Elected To Georgia House of Representatives

Julian Bond is elected to the Georgia House of Representatives. Due to his outspoken opposition to the Vietnam War, Bond is barred from taking his seat. Bond sued, and the Supreme Court ruled in his favor.

November 9, 1961
| PGA Opens Doors

The Professional Golfer's Association eliminates their Caucasians only rule on this date.

November 9, 1953
| Dyana Williams is Born

Talent management chief executive, radio personality, and music producer Dyana Williams was born on this date in New York, New York.

November 9, 1946
| The Links, Inc. Founded

Founded by friends Margaret Roselle Hawkins and Sarah Strickland-Scott in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The Links, Inc., is one of the largest charitable organizations of African American women in the nation, with over 10,000 members and chapters in two foreign countries.

November 9, 1935
| Robert "Bob" Gibson is Born

Robert "Bob" Gibson is born in Omaha, Nebraska. A professional baseball player and pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, he is namded the National League MVP in 1968. During his career, he amasses 3,000 career strike-outs, wins the Cy Young Award in 1968 and 1970, win the Baseball Writers Award in 1968, pitch in the 1964, 1967 and 1968 World Series, and wins Nine Gold Glove Awards. He is inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1981.

November 9, 1933
| The Honorable Dorothy Jackson is Born

Civic activist and city government official The Honorable Dorothy Jackson was born on this date in Akron, Ohio.

November 9, 1932
| William Akins is Born

Academic administrator William Akins was born on this date in Austin, Texas.

November 9, 1928
| Frank Jones is Born

Academic administrator Frank Jones was born on this date in Greensboro, North Carolina.

November 9, 1925
| Paul Robeson Makes His Film Debut

Multi-talented Paul Robeson made his feature film debut on this date in Oscar Micheaux's <I>Body and Soul</I>.

November 9, 1923
| Dorothy Dandridge is Born

Singer and actress Dorothy Dandridge is born.

November 9, 1919
| J. W. Lemon is Born

Community activist and postal worker J. W. Lemon was born on this date in Locust Grove, Georgia.

November 9, 1919
| J.W. Lemon is Born

Community Activist J.W. Lemon is born.