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October 11, 2010
| Janet Angel MacLachlan Passed Away

Stage actress and film actress Janet Angel MacLachlan passed away on this date at the age of 77.

October 11, 2006
| Willie McCray Passed Away

Security manager and civil rights activist Willie McCray passed away on this date at the age of 64.

October 11, 1991
| Redd Foxx Dies

Comedian and actor Redd Foxx died of a heart attack on this date in Los Angeles, California. Foxx is best known for his role on the hit sitcom <I>Sanford and Son</I>. He recorded several comedy albums that sold millions and performed his stand-up routine in Las Vegas and around the country. His other television and film credits include <I>The Royal Family</I>, <I>Cotton Comes to Harlem</I>, and <I>Harlem Nights</I>.

October 11, 1957
| Leonard Pitts is Born

Syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts was born on this date in Orange, California.

October 11, 1956
| Debra Martin Chase is Born

Film producer Debra Martin Chase was born on this date in Great Lakes, Illinois.

October 11, 1950
| Jamala Rogers is Born

Community activist and newspaper columnist Jamala Rogers was born on this date in Kansas City, Kansas.

October 11, 1949
| Carol H. Williams is Born

Advertising chief executive Carol H. Williams was born on this date.

October 11, 1947
| Demetrius Venable is Born

Physicist and physics professor Demetrius Venable was born on this date in Powhatan, Virginia.

October 11, 1944
| Patricia Turner is Born

Middle school teacher Patricia Turner was born on this date in Norfolk, Virginia.

October 11, 1941
| Emory Campbell is Born

Cultural heritage chief executive Emory Campbell was born on this date in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

October 11, 1939
| Kojo Kamau is Born

Photographer Kojo Kamau was born on this date in Columbus, Ohio.

October 11, 1919
| Fay Ray is Born

Dancer Fay Ray was born on this date in Louisiana.