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August 10, 2008
| Isaac Hayes Passed Away

Film actor, musician and singer, and film score composer Isaac Hayes passed away on this date at the age of 65.

August 10, 1989
| Colin Powell Nominated Chairman of Joints Chiefs of Staff

General Colin Powell was nominated chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff on this date. He became the first and highest military officer in the U.S. Armed Forces.

August 10, 1952
| Carla Hayden is Born

Library director Carla Hayden was born on this date in Tallahassee, Florida.

August 10, 1951
| Jackie Taylor is Born

Stage actress, stage director, and stage producer Jackie Taylor was born on this date in Chicago, Illinois.

August 10, 1946
| Cal Street is Born

Singer Cal Street was born on this date in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

August 10, 1939
| Dr. Judith M. Davenport is Born

Dentist Dr. Judith M. Davenport was born on this date in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

August 10, 1936
| Roma Jones Stewart is Born

State solicitor general Roma Jones Stewart was born on this date in Chicago, Illinois.

August 10, 1929
| Eleanor Jones is Born

Math professor and mathematician Eleanor Jones was born on this date in Norfolk, Virginia.

August 10, 1920
| First Blues Song Recorded

Mamie Smith, a Vaudeville performer, records "Crazy Blues" for Okeh Records. It is believed to be the first blues record.