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July 11, 2000
| First Female Elected Bishop in the AME Church

Rev. Dr. Vashti Murphy McKenzie was elected bishop on this date in Baltimore, Maryland. McKenzie was the first woman bishop elected in the history of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

July 11, 2000
| Black Man Found Hanging From a Tree in Louisiana

The Associated Press reported that a Black man had been found hanging from a tree near Bossier City, Louisiana on this date. He was handcuffed and gagged.

July 11, 2000
| Derek Jeter Wins MVP in MLB All-Star Game

New York Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter won the Most Valuable Player Award in Major League Baseball's All-Star Game on this date in Atlanta, Georgia.

July 11, 2000
| U.S. Census Bureau Reports 15 Million Africans Have Died of AIDS

Karen Stanecki, Chief of the Health Studies Branch of the U.S. Census Bureau's Center for International Research, reported that 15 million Africans had died of AIDS and estimated that 25 million more infected would die in the next few years on this date.

July 11, 1952
| Perry Howard is Born

Landscape architecture professor Perry Howard was born on this date in Morganza, Louisiana.

July 11, 1946
| Benjamin Wright is Born

Music arranger, music director, and conductor Benjamin Wright was born on this date in Greenville, Mississippi.

July 11, 1939
| Gen. Clara Adams-Ender is Born

Military officer Gen. Clara Adams-Ender was born on this date in Willow Springs, North Carolina.

July 11, 1936
| E. Lee Lassiter is Born

Journalism professor and newspaper columnist E. Lee Lassiter was born on this date in Carpenter, North Carolina.

July 11, 1936
| Troy Duster is Born

Sociology professor Troy Duster was born on this date in Chicago, Illinois.

July 11, 1925
| Mattiwilda Dobbs Janzon is Born

Opera singer Mattiwilda Dobbs Janzon was born on this date in Atlanta, Georgia.

July 11, 1924
| Dr. Clinton Warner is Born

Civil rights activist and surgeon Dr. Clinton Warner was born on this date in Atlanta, Georgia.

July 11, 1915
| Cornelius "Boots" Shepard is Born

Railroad chef Cornelius "Boots" Shepard was born on this date in Sedalia, Missouri.

July 11, 1905
| The Niagara Movement Begins

The Niagara Movement begins as a convention led by African American intellectuals W.E.B. DuBois, William Trotter and twenty-eight others. Its purpose is to win equal rights, particularly the right to vote, for African American citizens. The Niagara Movement is the forerunner of the NAACP, which is founded later in the decade by many of the same Niagara Movement leaders.