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June 19, 2006
| Charles Johnson Passed Away

Union leader and baseball player Charles Johnson passed away on this date at the age of 96.

June 19, 2000
| Shaquille O'Neal Wins NBA Finals MVP Award

NBA All-Star Shaquille "Shaq" O'Neal won the NBA Finals MVP Award on this date in Los Angeles, California. O'Neal and his L.A. Lakers defeated the Indiana Pacers to win the NBA Championship. He went on to win two more championships with the Lakers, winning Finals MVP two more times.

June 19, 1964
| Omowunmi Sadik is Born

Chemistry professor Omowunmi Sadik was born on this date in Santa Marta, Colombia.

June 19, 1957
| Blacks in Tuskegee Protest Over Gerrymandering

Blacks in Tuskegee protest white merchants because of unfair gerrymandering on this date in Alabama. The protest began because Blacks thought that the state legislature unfairly changed the boundaries of their election district in order to get who they wanted into office.

June 19, 1944
| William Bradford is Born

Economist and economics professor William Bradford was born on this date in Gadsden, Alabama.

June 19, 1935
| Bernice Baynes Brown is Born

Academic administrator Bernice Baynes Brown was born on this date in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

June 19, 1931
| Jacoby Dickens is Born

Bank chairman and entrepreneur Jacoby Dickens was born on this date in Panama City, Florida.

June 19, 1924
| Lt. Col. Joseph Carpenter is Born

Colonel Lt. Col. Joseph Carpenter was born on this date in Washington, District of Columbia.

June 19, 1918
| Vernon Jarrett is Born

Newspaper columnist, television host, and radio host Vernon Jarrett was born on this date in Saulsbury, Tennessee.