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March 14, 1961
| Harriette Cole is Born

Talent coach and model Harriette Cole was born on this date in Baltimore, Maryland.

March 14, 1956
| Montgomery Bus Boycott Ends

After 381 days, the Montgomery Bus Boycott ends on this date. The boycott cost the bus company over $750,000.

March 14, 1955
| Quintin Primo, III is Born

Investment chief executive Quintin Primo, III was born on this date in Rochester, New York.

March 14, 1954
| Ernest Levert is Born

Material science engineer and welding engineer Ernest Levert was born on this date in Cleveland, Ohio.

March 14, 1947
| The Honorable William Jefferson is Born

U.S. congressman The Honorable William Jefferson was born on this date in Lake Providence, Louisiana.

March 14, 1945
| Louis O'Neil Dore is Born

Trial lawyer Louis O'Neil Dore was born on this date in Buford County, South Carolina.

March 14, 1933
| Quincy Jones is Born

Entertainment chief executive, music composer and arranger, musician, and music producer Quincy Jones was born on this date in Chicago, Illinois.

March 14, 1925
| Reverend Marion Curtis Bascom is Born

Civic leader and pastor Reverend Marion Curtis Bascom was born on this date in Pensacola, Florida.

March 14, 1923
| Lanier W. Phillips is Born

Sonar technician Lanier W. Phillips was born on this date in Lithonia, Georgia.