Wednesday 2/11/2004

In 2004, the Chicago Chapter of the Girlfriends Incorporated celebrated their 50th anniversary. A social and charitable organization for African American women, members reflected on the friendship and support that the group has offered them through the years; remembering their favorite moments, and enjoying the family connections from husbands, daughters and granddaughters who support and join the organization.




This video tribute features the voices of Virgina Lewis, Evelyn Spencer, and Kay Wimp, and video footage of Jean Collins, Jetta Jones, Eunice LeCesne, Dorothy Runner, and Ruth "Teena" Williams. Greta Pope Wimp and the Greta Pope Orchestra perform the “Girlfriends Hymn” as background music.




Founded during the Harlem Renaissance in 1927 The Girlfriends Inc. is one of the oldest social/civic organizations of African American women in the United States, with forty-five chapters across the country, and over 1400 women in membership.




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Jean Collins
Jetta Jones
Eunice LeCesne
Dorothy Runner
Ruth "Teena" Williams