The National Science Foundation awarded The HistoryMakers a 3-year grant to interview 180 of the nation's top African American scientists, create curriculum based on the interviews and hold public programs featuring the scientists. The goal of the ScienceMakers initiative is to create positive role models and use their life stories as a way to encourage others to enter scientific professions.

As part of the National Science Foundation grant, ScienceMakers created a series of Toolkits featuring information on each of the 180 scientists interviewed. These Toolkits are packed with spotlights on each scientist, activities to go along with their disciplines, discussion questions, references to interview video clips, and much more.

Members can now download the ScienceMakers Toolkit for free!
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Available Downloads:
ScienceMakers Toolkit Manual – Volume 1
The first volume contains biographies of 34 ScienceMakers and is packaged with a companion DVD including clips of each ScienceMakers' interview. Featured ScienceMakers include Warren Washington, Larry Gladney, and Darnell Diggs.
ScienceMakers Toolkit Manual – Volume 2
The second volume contains biographies of 73 ScienceMakers and five classroom activities per featured STEM discipline. Featured ScienceMakers include Neil de Grasse Tyson, Dawn Wright, and Shirley Malcom.
ScienceMakers Toolkit Manual – Volume 3 (in 2 parts) Part 1 & Part 2
The final volume contains biographies of 96 ScienceMakers and extra fun facts about each ScienceMakers' work. Featured ScienceMakers include Charles Bolden, Lonnie Johnson, and Linnaeus Dorman.


"I have been flipping through your book that I picked up at the conference as well as perusing the website. I could get caught up reading this stuff all day! ... I'm thinking of incorporating an interview with a scientist into our 12th grade curriculum. I think having the kids interview a scientist of their choosing would really get them engaged."
- KM, Vanderbilt Center for Science Outreach
"I work with the high schools throughout the State of Indiana and your ScienceMakers project seems a good fit to the enhancement of the curriculum in the school districts of Indiana, particularly those districts with high minority enrollments. I would like to talk to you sometime about the efforts we are making here at Purdue and how you and your organization might help us in achieving our goal."
- IJ, Purdue University
"Just meeting you and finding out the work your organization is doing was worth my trip to Indy! I have been seeking African American role models for our school community and your program seems the perfect fit."
- JO, Skokie/Morton Grove School District 69
"I received the ScienceMakers [Toolkit] at school today and they are absolutely beautiful!"
- EB, Golden Ridge School, Montana