The Value of Science: Improving the Quality of Life

Saturday 2/6/2010

The Museum of Science and Industry

Chicago, Illinois

The Value of Science: Improving The Quality of Life discusses the human body, the brain, and the biology behind living things. The scientists each presented a slideshow of their work before answering questions as a panel about their life, their work, and their accomplishments. Each answered questions about failures and successes in their careers, why they wanted to be a scientist, and what it takes to be a truly great scientist.  The program was moderated by Rick Kittles of the College of Medicine at the University of Illinois.  The Museum of Science & Industry was one of ScienceMakers' science centers partners in 2010.


The featured scientists included:

  • Joanne Berger-Sweeney, Professor of Neurbiology, Wellesley College
  • Edwin Cooper, Professor of Immunobiology, UCLA
  • Erich Jarvis, Professor of Neurobiology, Duke University
  • Luther Williams, Biologist, Tuskegee University

During the day program, the scientists talked about their fields of study with individual student groups.  Students videotaped the sessions with Flip cameras which were edited into short clips and shown at the closing assembly.  Students were also given the chance to speak on stage about their experiences with the scientists and what they learned.  The school groups included:

  • Parker Elementary School
  • Betty Shabazz International Charter School