How The Universe Came To Be

Friday 1/15/2010

St. Louis Science Center

St. Louis, Missouri

The Three Cosmic Tenors: How The Universe Came To Be explores the origins of the universe through the work of three renowned physicists. The scientists each presented a slideshow of their work before answering questions as a panel about their life, their work, and their accomplishments.  The audience at the St. Louis Science Center was invited to ask questions of the physicists - everything from "What did you like to do when you were a child" to "What are you going to do next?"  The panel and question and answer session were moderated by Dr. Darnell Diggs of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.  The St. Louis Science Center was one of ScienceMakers' science centers partners in 2010.


The Three Cosmic Tenors are:

  • Dr. Larry Gladney, University of Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Herman White, FermiLab
  • Dr. Sylvester James Gates,  University of Maryland, College Park


While they don't sing, they do entertain using science!


During the day program with students, each student group had the chance to speak to the students at the St. Louis Science Center.  Students videotaped their experiences with Flip cameras which were then edited into short clips and shown during the student assembly.  The school groups included:

  • Ferguson Middle School
  • Compton Drew Middle School
  • Brittany Woods Middle School
  • Bevo-Long Middle Community Education Center
  • Eskridge High School
  • Imagine Academy of Careers
  • Central Middle School