Blazing Trails: African Americans in STEM

Friday 2/24/2012


Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Blazing Trails: African Americans in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics was held at SciWorks in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  The four scientists and moderator convened in the SciWorks Auditorium to present first one at a time and then as a panel about their life and work. Students were given the chance to ask questions of the scientists ranging from complicated dog tricks to what it was like to be a scientist.  The program was moderated by moderated by Denise Franklin, General Manager of WFDD, the local NPR affiliate. SciWorks was one of ScienceMakers' science centers partners in 2012.


The participating scientists included:

      Ü Andrea Lawrence, Professor of Computer Science, Spelman College

      Ü Godfrey Gumbs, Professor of Physics, Hunter College

      Ü Calvin Howell, Professor of Physics, Duke University

      Ü Erich Jarvis, Professor of Neurobiology, Duke University

During the student program the following Saturday, students from the YWCA Winston-Salem and the Winston Salem State University's Pre-College program were given the opportunity to pair off with scientists and speak to them about their work and their life as a scientist.  The students recorded their sessions with the scientists using Flip cameras and prepared questions ahead of time to ask each scientist.
About the YWCA Winston Salem Youth Program

Best Choice Center is an academics-focused program for students who have the ability and desire to be academically successful. The Best Choice Center has earned exposure nationally recognizing excellence in helping children discover life outside of their neighborhoods. Academics are emphasized as means of rising above challenges surrounding their home lives. With the guidance of certified teachers, children at the Center explore the world of computers, civics, agriculture and world cultures.  Read more about the program at their website.
About the Winston Salem State University Pre-College Program

The mission of the NC-MSEN Program is to strengthen the quality and increase the number of teachers in mathematics and science education and to increase the pool of North Carolina high school graduates prepared to pursue careers requiring mathematics and science.  Read more about the program at their website.