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Conrad Williams: The Optimistic Physicist

Conrad Williams is a professor of physics at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. Prior to his arrival at Morgan State in 1993, Williams served as a research scientist at the United States Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in Washington, D.C. Over the course of his illustrious career as a condensed matter physicist, Williams has made significant contributions to the field of magnetic materials, and several of his discoveries have had commercial applications. His research focuses on the physical properties of magnetism in novel compounds.

Trachette Jackson: Approaching Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, half of all men and one third of all women in the US will develop cancer in their lifetime. Millions of people each year are impacted by this disease; whether it be personally or peripherally. With such a high prevalence and the cause of much devastation, understanding this disease is crucial to fighting it. Thankfully, in recent years there have been exceptional progress, discoveries and advancements made from cancer research.

Jennie Patrick: Pioneering Chemical Engineer

Jennie Patrick, a native of Gadsden, Alabama, is a retired chemical engineer and the founder of the Environmental Wellness Institute. In 1979, Jennie Patrick became the first African American woman to graduate with a Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering.

July 2008 Newsletter!


June has been a busy month here at The HistoryMakers, with numerous exciting projects and partnerships going on at once. This month we invite you into our interviews to get a peek at what we've been doing from Seattle to Chicago and all the dynamic personalities we've had the fortune of meeting. You'll also get a glance ahead as we preview some of our upcoming events and also thank all the organizations and individuals who have shown The HistoryMakers support over the past 8 years. Here we go! You can find the following items inside this newsletter:

June 2008 Newsletter!



From late April to early May, The HistoryMakers interview crew of videographer Scott Stearns and interviewer Larry Crowe toured our nation's capital to cover the untold stories of MediaMakers Sharon Farmer and Michele Norris; BusinessMakers Rey Ramsey and Robert L. Wright and CivicMaker Dorie Ann Ladner. You can find the following in this issue: