Education has been a major part of The HistoryMakers since its inception. The HistoryMakers has conducted institutes, held public programs, created curriculums and produced documentaries all in the name of education. Please read below to learn more about The HistoryMakers education initiatives.

Meet the HistoryMakers: A Day of Education


From 2002-2006 annual day seminars featuring HistoryMakers from around the country were held with all Institute teachers and selected students in attendance. Here, history truly came alive with actual HistoryMakers discussing their lives and experiences on thematically organized panels. Separate tracks were in place: one for teachers and one for students. Student seminars were more hands-on and project based in order to engage students in activities related to The HistoryMakers archival material. This day of seminars was pivotal in engaging students and HistoryMakers in intergenerational interaction. The forum provided opportunities for students and HistoryMakers to develop role model and mentoring relationships that continue in the classroom.


The following events were held: