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EducationMakers include teachers, professors, education administrators, and education consultants, as well as museum and library professionals and historians. These HistoryMakers have each spent a significant portion of their careers advancing educational philosophies, teaching, advising, and mentoring students, breaking new ground in developing curricula, or sharing information through programming and exhibits.

In 2014, The PwC Charitable Foundation provided The HistoryMakers  with a gift to transcribe, segment and add 2,000 interviews to The HistoryMakers Digital Archive. The digital archive, which documents the lives of African Americans, currently makes accessible only 25 percent of the interviews HistoryMakers has conducted and recorded, personal accounts of accomplishment and success against the odds—a living library of role models and inspirational examples. With the PwC Foundation’s support, The HistoryMakers Digital History Archive will be expanded and made available free to public and charter schools for hundreds of thousands of students.