Salute to The HistoryMakers (Washington, D.C. 2004)

Thursday 4/29/2004

International Ballroom Washington, D.C. Hilton

Washington D.C.

On Friday, April 30, 2004, over 100 HistoryMakers, their guests and others attended The Washington, D.C. Salute to The HistoryMakers, held in the International Ballroom of the Washington Hilton. HistoryMaker, well-known lawyer and civic leader Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., served as event chair for the evening.


The Washington, D.C. Salute to The HistoryMakers served as the official launch of The HistoryMakers Washington, D.C./Mid-Atlantic Regional Office, where Amy Billingsley serves as the Regional Coordinator. As with the Chicago Salute, the area HistoryMakers were given The HistoryMakers award, designed by renowned sculptor Preston Jackson. McDonald’s Corporation underwrote the awards.


ABC-7’s Maureen Bunyan and The Washington Times’ Deborah Simmons served as Mistresses of Ceremonies for the evening and the Reverend Barbara Williams-Skinner said grace. Throughout the reception and after dinner, video clips of area HistoryMakers were played, and singer Everett Greene and his trio entertained the audience. Julieanna Richardson, Founder & Executive Director of The HistoryMakers, spoke of the importance of preserving oral histories for future generations. Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., spoke of his pride in being named a HistoryMaker, and attorney and HistoryMakers board member Antoinette Cook Bush emphasized the importance of preserving this valuable history.


The HistoryMakers staff has created a finding aid for this event. View/Download below: 

Salute to The HistoryMakers (Washington, D.C. 2004)


Honored HistoryMakers 

 Russell Adams  Charles Epps  Sandye Jean McIntyre
 Kent Amos  Roselyn Epps  Richard McKinney
 Carl Anderson  Richard Fairley  Rufus McKinney
 Anne Ashmore-Hudson  Walter Fauntroy  Keiffer Mitchell
 Knowlton Atterbeary  Art Fletcher  Nannette Kindle Mitchell
 Clayton Bates  Bernyce Ayesha Fletcher  Pauline Cauthorne Morton
 DeLawrence Beard  Badi Foster  Benita Fitzgerald Mosley
 Lillian McLean Beard  H. Marrell Foushee  Frances II Murphy
 Keter Betts  Dorothy Gilliam  Francis II Murphy
 Amy Billingsley  Marshall Grigsby  Laura Murphy
 Paul Brock  Thelma Groomes  William H. Sr. Murphy
 George Brown  Julia Woodhouse Harden  Samuel Myers
 A'Lelia Bundles  Leonard III Hayes  John Jacob Oliver
 Calvin Burnett  Raymond Haysbert  Nan Arrington Peete
 Peggy Cooper Cafritz  Dorothy Height  Zina Pierre
 James Cheek  Alexis Herman  Ruth Brett Quarles
 John Conyers  Walter Jr. Hill  Earl Richardson
 Paul Cooke  Alexine Jackson  Frank Ross
 Peggy Cooper-Cafritz  Charlene Drew Jarvis  Ruby Sales
 Ruth Davis  Harry Johnson  Yvonne Scruggs-Leftwich
 Horace Dawson  Jason Miccolo Johnson  Yvonne Seon
 Leonard Dawson  Sandra Johnson  Hilbert Dennis Stanley
 Lula Cole Dawson  William Layton  Lou Stovall
 Leola Dellums  Willie Leftwich  William Taylor
 Jeff Donaldson  Walter Leonard  Carole Henderson Tyson
 Frederick IV Douglass  Julianne Malveaux  Herb Wilkins
 Frances Murphy Draper  Henry Marsh  Roger Wilkins
 David Driskell  Emmit McHenry  Barbara Williams-Skinner
 Ofield Dukes  Emmitt McHenry  Armstrong Williams
 Ramona Edelin  Singleton McAllister McHenry  E. Faye Williams




Honorary Co-Chairs

The Honorable Edward Brooke

William H. Edwards, Jr.

The Honorable John Lewis

Frank and Wendy Raines

Mike Roberts

The Honorable J.C. Watts


Event Chair

Vernon E. Jordan