An Evening With The HistoryMakers

Saturday 4/22/2017

Arthur Rubloff Auditorium The Art Institute of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

An Evening With The HistoryMakers, hosted by actor playwright Regina Taylor and actor Harry Lennix, will showcase the richness of Chicago’sAfrican American community – a richness that we all need to be reminded of, amidst all the violence and turmoil, and the significant loss of leadership in the African American community. This year, for the first time, The HistoryMakers archives will be made the focus, as the history and legacy of Chicago is told through stories from the Collection.

Our purpose with An Evening With The HistoryMakers is to educate through our archive, and the HistoryMakers themselves, about the history, lives, careers and contributions of African Americans here in Chicago. Our collection is about excellence and commitment, and we believe that it can provide role models and a source of identity for young people, empowering them through the stories of those that came before them. Chicago is our home – a home that 2016 changed in many profound ways – with last year being our city’s deadliest in two decades. We have been concerned, as an organization, about the growing violence and the lack of memory of Chicago’s rich history and legacy, as well as the growing generational gap between our city’s youth and older community members.


From Johnson Publishing to Johnson Products, from Operation Push to the Chicago Urban League, from DuSable Museum to the National Black Arts Movement, Chicago was a leader amongst American cities. Yet, increasingly, few know of this history. This, in turn, is having a deleterious effect on our youth – who have been, and continue to be, marginalized. We need to let them know that this history is their rich inheritance.


Honorary Chair
Valerie Jarrett
Honorary Co-Chairs
The Honorable Arne Duncan
The Honorable Deval Patrick
Kathleen Biden
Maya Harris & The Honorable Tony West
Celebrity Presenters
Harry Lennix
Regina Taylor
Special Guests
Wayne Baker Brooks
Reuben Cannon
The Honorable Arne Duncan
Brenda Gaines
Donald J. Jackson
Valerie Jarrett
Eric Johnson
T’Keyah Crystal Keymah
The Honorable Deval Patrick
Linda Johnson Rice
Audrey Lavinia Smaltz
Benefit Committee
Toni Cook Bush & The Honorable Dwight Bush
Donna Carroll
Alfreda Bradley-Coar & The Honorable David Coar
Cheri Reid & Al B. Reid
Katherine M. Gehl
Brenda Gaines
Jeanette Sublett & Langdon Neal
Young Leaders Committee
Kam Buckner
Chanel Coney
Danielle Harbison
Candice Jones
John Oxtoby




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Baldwin Richardson Foods
Laura & George Bilicic
Toni Cook Bush & The Honorable Dwight Bush
Kelly McNamara Corley
DeLoise & Brenda Gaines
Katherine M. Gehl
The Honorable Fay Hartog-Levin & Dan Levin
Nicor Gas
MacArthur Foundation
Nancy & Lester H. McKeever, Jr.
Jeanette Sublett & Langdon Neal


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