Education has been a major part of The HistoryMakers since its inception. The HistoryMakers has conducted institutes, held public programs, created curriculums and produced documentaries all in the name of education. Please read below to learn more about The HistoryMakers education initiatives.

Education Institute


The HistoryMakers Education Institute was launched in April 2003, as a year long educational program. Drawing on the resources of The HistoryMakers archives, the Institute was designed to work effectively as part of both social studies and language arts curricula.

The Institute was established to:

1. create a more inclusive and relevant curriculum
2. foster teacher preparation and student learning and achievement, and
3. encourage intergenerational learning through a role model/mentor program.


The HistoryMakers Education Institute includes:

• Teacher summer training institute
• Curriculum Implementation in Classroom
• Ongoing teacher support
• Meet the HistoryMakers: A Day of Education
• HistoryMakers Speak-Out School Assemblies
• My OWN Story
• It's Cool To Succeed

In 2003, when The HistoryMakers Education Institute began, it worked in close partnership with the DePaul Center for Urban Education under the direction of Barbara Radner, Ph.D. That first year, The HistoryMakers selected forty teachers from twenty middle and high schools in a competitive application process. During the summer, the teachers participated in a week long session where they learned how to incorporate The HistoryMakers’ resources into their core curricula. They also learned about oral history methodology, genealogy and public history, as well as African American history and culture. Quarterly sessions were then held to discuss teaching strategies and to allow the teachers to share both their own project work and their students’ work.

The HistoryMakers staff has created a finding aid for this program. View/Download below: 

HistoryMakers Education Institute (Chicago, 2004)

The HistoryMakers Education Institute Student Projects (On Tape) (Chicago, 2006)

The HistoryMakers Education Institute Student Assessment Tests (Chicago, 2012)

The HistoryMakers Education Institute Student Assessment Tests (Chicago, 2013)