Education has been a major part of The HistoryMakers since its inception. The HistoryMakers has conducted institutes, held public programs, created curriculums and produced documentaries all in the name of education. Please read below to learn more about The HistoryMakers education initiatives.

The National Science Foundation awarded The HistoryMakers a 3-year grant to interview 180 of the nation's top African American scientists, create curriculum based on the interviews and hold public programs featuring the scientists.
The HistoryMakers annual program that puts black leaders in direct contact with young people all across the nation to tell their stories and to encourage students to excellence.
An annual intensive immersion program where 25 Middle/High School Teachers are given classroom training by leading African American studies scholars on African American history and The HistoryMakers Digital Archive.
Increasing African American Diversity in Archives: The HistoryMakers Fellowship, Mentoring, Training and Placement Institute
Pioneers in the Struggle: The History of African Americans in the Illinois General Assembly (1877-2001) is an interactive CD-ROM, documentary video and curriculum guide package distributed free of charge to Illinois-based public school systems (grades 8-12)
The HistoryMakers Education Institute combined an effective mentoring program with The HistoryMakers video oral history archive. The institute included teacher development and training, classroom instruction, intergenerational mentoring, speaking engagements by HistoryMakers and student oral history projects.
Yale University and Harvard University will each appoint a year-long visiting archivist, and Emory University will appoint a two-year visiting archivist – all of whom will have recently received an MLS, and will start in their position by September 1, 2016.
A FutureMaker is: A HistoryMaker in the making. A person who commits fully to a future of excellence in education. A person who examines their own history and current events to be an informed, intelligent voice for change. A person who works actively to be a positive force in their school and community.