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The HistoryMakers Digital Archive contains over 2,000 hours of video footage, containing 29,000 stories and can be yours for $30/Month. Access your account or become a member of The HistoryMakers and gain access to this priceless archive today. 

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Early users of The HistoryMakers Digital Archive have asked a number of questions. Here are those questions and answers, i.e., a frequently asked questions (FAQ) list to help you make better use of the Digital Archive

Is there more data?
Yes, there are thousands of interviews, and the Digital Archive only showcases 310 as of September 2010 (although this number will grow). The HistoryMakers currently holds many more interviews that those being tested within the "Digital Archive" in 2010. For details on The HistoryMakers current status, visit The HistoryMakers home page. Please visit back to The HistoryMakers Digital Archive in order to check current status.
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How does one register?
You must be registered in order to use The HistoryMakers Digital Archive. You must also be using a supported web browser with cookies enabled for this site, as cookies are used to note that you are a registered user. You must have JavaScript enabled for this site, because JavaScript is used to check what browser you are using, to embed the Flash application in the web page at full 100% size, and to support better browser navigation and bookmarking (via the open source projects SWFObject, SWFAddress, and swffit). If you meet these prerequisites, you should be able to see a link "Not registered yet?" on the login screen that greets you when you first access The HistoryMakers Digital Archive. This link takes you to The HistoryMakers Digital Archive New User Registration. You must provide a valid email address, as email will be sent to the address you provide that you need to read and follow a link from in order to complete the registration. Your password must be at least seven characters long.
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Why do I need to provide a valid email address to register?
This registration process guarantees that people with an email contact are using the archive. While captchas and other techniques could be used to guarantee that people rather than automated programs are trying to register, The HistoryMakers was interested in having the email contact during this beta test run, in exchange for opening up access to the Digital Archive. The process requires that you take action on an email sent from auto-reply@idvl.org, which may require you check your spam or junk email folder depending on the strictness of your your email filtering.
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What about my privacy?
Registration is done with https and secure communication channels. Please see The HistoryMakers Digital Archive Privacy Policy.
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What are the terms and conditions of use?
Please see The HistoryMakers Digital Archive Terms and Conditions.
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Is there help on using the Digital Archive?
Please see The HistoryMakers Digital Archive Video Tutorials for some examples of use.
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Are there any publications about the Digital Archive?
Please see The HistoryMakers Digital Archive Foundation Work for further background on the project, including giving credit for our NSF sponsorship.
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Who makes this work possible (acknowledgements)?
This work is supported by the National Science Foundation, NSF Grant No. IIS-0705491, research project "III-CXT: Enhancing Digital Video Libraries through the Evaluation and Transition of Automated Techniques for Visual Processing, Indexing and Access." It builds from Carnegie Mellon University Informedia Research that received funding from a number of sources over the years. The first collaboration between The HistoryMakers and Informedia was made possible through the Institute of Museum and Library Services, IMLS Grant LG-03-03-0048-03. The online web Digital Archive benefited greatly from a workshop held at the State University of New York at Buffalo (UB) under the direction of Randforce Associates, in the UB Technology Incubator. This workshop started off a multi-year beta test of a stand-alone .NET oral history interface with the University of Illinois, Drexel University, Carnegie Mellon University, and others. Randforce Associates, led by Michael Frisch, in 2009 contributed to the development of the inferential indexing framework supporting the "Search Tags" capability in The HistoryMakers Digital Archive.
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Why www.idvl.org?
The NSF sponsored work is attempting to create tools and interfaces for digital video libraries using Informedia technology: hence "idvl" for Informedia digital video library" with The HistoryMakers Digital Archive as the archetype for the enhanced accessibility offered through synchronized metadata and full transcript search.
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How can I contact someone regarding the archive?
Within the introductory page of The HistoryMakers Digital Archive, there is a Comments button. Please use it to comment on the interface and archive. Should you have other questions or concerns about the Digital Archive, you can also send us an email to the following contact address (but we cannot guarantee a timely response due to limited staffing; our hope is to keep updating this FAQ to address the most common queries): info@thehistorymakers.com
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The login box says "Login service could not be contacted try again later."
This message may occur if the application is unable to reach the login server. This can occur during brief application maintenance periods (typically during off-peak hours) or caused by unforeseen netowrk outages. The error may also indicate that your browser is not accepting our web site's SSL certificate used to secure your username and password. To determine if ths is the case, visit the accounts management system. If your browser presents you with a warning about the certificate then this is most likely the cause of your problem. The warning dialog should have an option to accept the certificate, it may be stated something like "add an exception for idlv.org" or "always trust this web site". After adding the exception you should be able to login to The HistoryMakers Digital Archive.      

Our SSL Certificate is issued by GoDaddy.com, Incorporated. Refer to the following article for a list of browsers compatible with our SSL certificate. For additional information about the type of certificate we use, please refer to the GoDaddy SSL Certificates FAQ.
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How do I see all of the interview with a particular person in the archive?
Within the introductory page of The HistoryMakers Digital Archive, there is a Table of Contents button. Click on it to show this table, click on a person's name to see a brief description, and click on the provided button to access all of that person's stories in the archive, across different recording days and sessions where applicable. Also of note: You can easily sequence within the same recording session by using the previous and next story buttons on the video player.
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How do I properly cite material in the archive for my publications and/or school work?
When using The HistoryMakers interviews, please include the following information for proper citation. The exact format used will vary depending on the citation style chosen (e.g., Chicago, APA, etc.) and whether it appears in footnotes or a bibliography. However, the pieces of information described below should always be included in the first citation to the work (subsequent citations may use an abbreviated format):
(The HistoryMakers ), interview by , , The HistoryMakers Digital Archive. Session , tape , story , story title.
The Digital Archive lists the citation on the video story page (which you can cut and paste elsewhere), and provides an export-button option on the Play List to allow this citation information to be automatically produced for the content in your Play List. An example of the proper citation for one story from the Digital Archive is as follows:
Ted "Double Duty" Radcliffe (The HistoryMakers A2001.062), interview by Julieanna Richardson, 6/16/2001, The HistoryMakers Digital Archive. Session 1, tape 1, story 6, Ted Radcliffe recalls his earliest memory as a child and his first job in baseball. http://www.idvl.org/thehistorymakers/iCoreClient.html#/&n=2664
For placement on an acknowledgement page, please use:
The HistoryMakers is a digital archive of life oral histories relating to the African American experience. Additional information on the project is available at www.thehistorymakers.com with a Digital Archive fully searchable subset of the full collection posted at www.idvl.org/thehistorymakers.
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I registered, but still cannot get access - help!
Are you getting emails from auto-reply@idvl.org? The most important one is the welcome message you will get when you first register. You must take action on an email sent from auto-reply@idvl.org, which may require you check your spam or junk email folder depending on the strictness of your your email filtering. If you did not receive this welcome message because perhaps your email account is filtered strongly by your organization, then you will need to register using a different email address that is capable of getting email from auto-reply@idvl.org. See Why do I need to provide a valid email address to register? as well.
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