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Color: Navy Blue
Food: Fried Chicken
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Season: Birthday
Vacation Destination: Bahamas
Magnolia, New Jersey United States
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Interview Date: 2/11/2005

Rev. John Harris was born March 1, 1978, to John Harris and Valeria Grace Johnson. Harris attended Dobbins High School, where he aspired to become a printer, and graduated from Harcourt Learning Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Keenly interested in helping people develop and discover their potential in life, Harris enrolled in Baptist Bible College where he became a commissioned bible teacher and chaplain and began teaching life development principles to all who would listen.

Harris passionately proclaimed the Word of God in the United States of America and abroad through the empowering We Speak to Nations Revivals, born out of his personal desire to revive the souls of men and women. Harris’s soul stirring messages and life development teachings caught the attention of many who were blessed by his messages in arenas, prison cells, stadiums, colleges, universities, seminaries, churches, and conferences. Harris served as secretary for the Historic Missionary Baptist Pastor’s Conference of Philadelphia and Vicinity; was chairman for the Youth City Wide Revival; and editor for the Pennsylvania Eastern Keystone Baptist Association under the moderator Dr. James S. Allen. Harris credited Dr. Keith Wayne Reed, Sr., as being his spiritual and adopted father, and his inspiration.

Harris studied at Baptist Bible College; Garden - State Calvary Theological Seminary; St. Andrew University; and the University of Metaphysical Sciences. Harris has been awarded several academic, professional and honorary degrees, including Doctor of Ministry; Doctor of Missiology; Doctor of Pedagogy; and Doctor of Metaphysics in Christian Thought.

Harris founded Engrafted Word Ministries, Inc., and Desert Stream, which he described as “a spirit filled, thriving Christian thought spiritual teaching and life development center”. Harris is emeritus president of H.Y.P.E. International Youth Congress, and moderator of the Christ Centered Fellowship of Churches. In 1999, Harris founded Baptist Fellowship Ministries, which opened its doors to those not always welcomed in other congregations. Harris also helped start two AIDS missions in Kenya, East Africa, and is the executive director of the Dr. John Harris Foundation; John Harris Institute for Life Development; and the Dr. John Harris Academy.

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