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Color: Green
Food: Seafood, Pie (Cherry), Ice Cream
Quote: If Everyone Does A Little, All Of Us Can Have A Lot
Season: Spring, Summer
Vacation Destination: Negril, Jamaica
Cincinnati, Ohio United States
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Interview Date: 3/15/2005

Businessman, author, and civic leader James E. Clingman, Jr. is a strong advocate of economic empowerment for African Americans. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio on August 11, 1944 to Verline Greene and James E. Clingman, Sr, he attended Paisley High School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina before graduating from Cincinnati’s Winthrow High School in 1963. He later earned his B.A. degree cum laude from the University of Cincinnati in 1977.

In 1985, Clingman was hired by Segmented Marketing Services as general manager, a position he held until 1988 when he formed his own consulting business, Clingman & Associates. In 1996, Clingman founded and served as president and executive director of the Greater Cincinnati African American Chamber of Commerce.

In 1996, a year after he participated in the Million Man March, Clingman wrote One in a Million: Faces in the Crowd. Other books he has written and published include Economic Empowerment or Economic Enslavement – We Have a Choice and Black-O-Knowledge: Stuff We Need To Know . A former editor of the Cincinnati Herald newspaper and an adjunct professor of African American Studies at the University of Cincinnati, Clingman writes a nationally syndicated weekly column called “Blackonomics”.

A member of the Cincinnati Black Business Association and the Harvest Institute, an African American think tank, Clingman and his wife Sylvia live with their daughter Kiah in Sharonville, Ohio.

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