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Color: Green
Food: Cabbage (White)
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Season: Spring
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Orange, New Jersey United States
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Interview Date: 6/18/2003

Dr. Rameck Hunt was born in Orange, New Jersey, on May 1, 1973. Hunt's mother, only seventeen when he was born, worked hard to support the family, but they were constantly moving back to his grandmother's house. When Hunt was fourteen, he moved to Newark to live with an uncle and attend University High in a rough neighborhood; the friends he made there would send him on the path to medical school and becoming an inspiration to many urban youth.

Once at University High, two other students, George Jenkins and Sampson Davis, recognized Hunt for his intelligence. The three soon bonded, spending their time together but still getting their class work done. When Hunt was sixteen, he was out with a different group of friends and was involved in the beating of an old man. Hunt awoke the next morning in juvenile detention and vowed never to return. The opportunity to escape the ghetto came when Jenkins convinced Hunt and Davis to go to Seton Hall University, which offered a program for minority students interested in careers in medicine. Despite the obstacles they faced growing up, and even more when they were accepted to the program, the three graduated. From there, Hunt went on to Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and despite the fact that the three of them were split up, they still saw one another frequently, providing support through tough times. Hunt graduated in 1999, and his grandmother, with whom he had spent so much time growing up, attended despite her poor health; she passed away two days later.

Hunt went on to become the medical director at St. Peter's University Hospital's How Lane Adult Family Health Center. The three friends also established a nonprofit organization, the Three Doctors Foundation, which provides scholarships to inner-city youth. The Three Doctors also tour the country speaking about their experiences and encouraging others to follow in their footsteps. The doctors co-wrote a critically acclaimed book, The Pact, about their experiences, and they were honored at the 2000 Essence Awards for their community service.

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