By recording, preserving and sharing the life stories of thousands of African Americans, from President Barack Obama to the oldest living black cowboy, The HistoryMakers is a leader in helping to educate and enlighten millions worldwide through refashioning a more inclusive record of American history.

Since 1999, The HistoryMakers has been recording African American oral histories to refashion a more inclusive record of American history and to educate and enlighten millions worldwide.

At its core The HistoryMakers is committed to preserving and making widely accessible the untold personal stories of both well-known and unsung African Americans. Here is how we do it.

We have made significant progress toward building the nation’s largest African American video oral history collection and exposing this collection to a large audience.

Our Founder, Julieanna L. Richardson, had a dream to create a unique and timeless archive. From Brandeis University to Harvard Law School to the Chicago Cable Commission; this is her story.

Our work is guided by some of the best minds in the country. Meet our Board of Directors and National Advisory Board among others.

It takes talent, commitment, passion, hard work and a team effort to do what we do. Take the time to get to know our interviewers, videographers, schedulers and other staff members.

“I urge you to please keep The HistoryMakers in the forefront, as it is an essential tool in letting the world know what we, as a people, have done in our lifetimes.”
– Lottie H. Watkins

We want you to join our community and we always welcome input and feedback. Please keep in mind that we do not release contact information for any of our HistoryMakers.

What is the mission of The HistoryMakers? Why was The HistoryMakers established? You may have the same questions as others. Find the answers to frequently asked questions here.