Education has been a major part of The HistoryMakers since its inception. The HistoryMakers has conducted institutes, held public programs, created curriculums and produced documentaries all in the name of education. Please read below to learn more about The HistoryMakers education initiatives.

Teacher Summer Training Institute


As part of the Education Institute teachers participated in one of two week-long Summer Teacher Training Institutes during the summer. The participating teachers planned units of instruction integrating The HistoryMakers archival materials and website into the school’s core curriculum. They also learned about oral history, genealogy, public history and the value of African American history. They received hands-on instruction on using The HistoryMakers website ( and specially designed curriculum materials, along with The HistoryMakers prize winning Pioneers in the Struggle CD-ROM, video and curriculum guide package. Pioneers in the Struggle traces the history of African Americans in the Illinois General Assembly 1877 to the present. The Summer Treacher Training had two components. 

  1. 1. Curriculum Implementation in Classroom
    Institute teachers integrated The HistoryMakers material into their curriculum under the theme of “Problem Solving to Make Progress.” They did this in both the areas of social science and language arts. Teachers used The HistoryMakers instructional resources to develop students’ reading, critical thinking and writing skills.
  2. 2. Ongoing Teacher Support
    Professional development continued throughout the year through workshops led by the Institute teachers for their peers in schools. The lesson plans and teaching strategies were reinforced and expanded through quarterly forums for Institute teachers held by The HistoryMakers. At the forums, teachers shared both their own project work and their students’ work.

Click Here to download (PDF) curriculum.