Education has been a major part of The HistoryMakers since its inception. The HistoryMakers has conducted institutes, held public programs, created curriculums and produced documentaries all in the name of education. Please read below to learn more about The HistoryMakers education initiatives.

My OWN Story

My Own Story

Students from participating classes conducted their own oral history projects. Projects ranged from interviews of community members, to family histories, to a student’s own personal reflections on historical events. Doing oral history is a rewarding way to make connections to the past. It takes a lot work to conduct a good oral history — but is well worth the effort.

The benefits of doing oral history projects in the classroom include:

  • Makes history come alive by making a personal connection to history
  • Allows students to engage in interpersonal relationship with elders
  • Addresses State Goals for reading, writing, listening, speaking, research, technology,
    and learning environment.
  • Addresses State Goals for critical thinking, inference, analysis.
  • Places “ordinary” or unknown people into history.

Click here to download (PDF) the “Talking History” Activity.